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The exoticized asian woman

The author, Ying Chu, raises the provocative question of why many powerful, older white men are now partnering with younger Asian women: When the venerable director [Woody Allen] scandalously left Mia Farrow for her adopted daughter, South Korean-born Soon-Yi Previn. Rupert Murdoch walked down the aisle with fresh-faced Wendi Deng. Add the nuptials of investment magnate Bruce Wasserstein to fourth wife Angela Chao and the pending vows between venture capitalist Vivi Nevo and Chinese actress Ziyi Zhang. Her primary answer is that these are after all now omnipresent images and often entertaining. Even now, how many cinematic greats, literary best sellers, or even cell-phone ads.
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Asian Women as Exotic | Adoption Stories from Adopted the Movie

When I was in middle school, the Indians and Pakistanis and Bangladeshis gravitated towards each other, drawn by the opportunity to make fun of other people and complain about our parents to peers who would understand. One could of course have looked for Pakistan, instead of South Asia, but the former was harder to find, and the differences so minimal. Most of our culture is the same. Besides, regional differences among those of different South Asian countries are often less relevant than the commonalities based on our experiences and histories of immigration, treatment and location in the US. First, the growing power of the conservative, religious and nationalist ideology known as Hindutva triggered a counter-movement, both in India and in the diaspora. A growing number of associations were created to promote pluralism and secularism in the diaspora and in the subcontinent. Our work promotes harmony among South Asian communities, social and economic justice, tolerance of difference, gender equity, and political mobilization to reach these goals.
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Obvious or blatant racism and racialisation may no longer be observed, yet more subtle forms of it certainly exists that nonetheless exercises influential impact 52 Pearson. Women in magazines and pornography are systemically categorized according to their race or cultural heritage; Asian women into one category and Latina women into another. This effectively forces depictions of racially diverse women into highly exoticized niches, where their exoticism is fetishized and eroticized. By doing so, these women are demoted to an object which men may then project their desires upon and confined singularly to their racial definition.
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That was 10 years ago, right? Yes, but it was also yesterday. Avril Lavigne's new music video " Hello Kitty " is so derivative of Gwen Stefani's "Harajuku Girls" catastrophe that she is essentially appropriating cultural appropriation. But Lavigne's latest also comes with a few rounds of sexism -- lest secondhand racism didn't suffice. In "Hello Kitty," a group of relentlessly caricatured Japanese women stand behind Lavigne, responding to her cues of glee or boredom, while she prances around in candy stores, sushi restaurants that serve cupcakes and the middle of the street.
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