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Lindsey lohan being gay

Why "behind her back," r5? Here's one of them paragraph breaks added for clarity : [quote] When you get involved with shady people, sometimes shady things happen. Sometimes, you also have to forfeit your share that you were set to receive or you end up dead like the guy who was a partner with our favorite former almost A- list mostly movie actress turned escort and sometime reality star. Now, our reality star didn't actually put any money into this investment. She doesn't really have any of her own to invest. She generally lives on the largess of others.
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Lindsay Lohan: Friends Say, Not Gay!

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The Closet Remediated: Inside Lindsay Lohan – AHR

Lindsay Lohan Lindsay Lohan Lindsay grew up in the public eye and, throughout her career, managed to win America's hearts. As a child star, we fell in love with her in movies such as "The Parent Trap" and "Freaky Friday," but she became a pop culture icon with her starring role in "Mean Girls. Seeking to reinvent herself after a difficult period, Lindsay put her hard-partying ways behind her and found solace in the peace and beauty of Greece. While there, she channeled her energy into building a nightlife and entertainment empire. With two clubs already open, Lindsay has expanded her empire on the luxurious island of Mykonos with the launch of her new club Lohan Beach House, but she isn't doing it alone; she is bringing in a team of nightlife professionals from the United States to help promote the club, serve the clientele and assure the Lohan name is the first and last word of vacation luxury.
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US Celebrity: Lindsay Lohan denies she is a lesbian

Video length 2 minutes 11 seconds Exclusive details on Lindsay Lohan's bizarre relationship with Saudi prince Has Lindsay Lohan befriended one of the most bloodthirsty leaders of the Middle East? Rumors are swirling that the actress and Saudi Arabia's crown prince Mohammad bin Salman have hit it off and become close. From gifting Lohan a "gift-wrapped" credit card to jetting her around the world, his alleged gifts seem to be getting more and more extravagant. Reps for the "Mean Girls" star have denied just about everything, claiming she has only met the prince — accused of ordering the gruesome murder of American journalist Jamal Khashoggi — once.
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Very large text size Have gossip magazines "outed" Lindsay Lohan - and does it really matter? During her 10 years as a famous person, Lindsay Lohan has worn a dizzying number of public masks. She began as a Disney tween queen and a box-office lure. That unravelled soon enough, as she became another wounded, doomed celebrity girl careening through the tabloid world: Lohan the despondent daughter of reckless parents; the on-the-set monster destroying her career and holding up expensive productions; the luckless dater whose boyfriends and hook-ups trash-talked her and dished the dirt; the cocaine-and-alcohol-fuelled road menace who seemed rehab resistant. But lately, there's been another twist in the Lohan saga that the mainstream gossip media — her unofficial biographers — have been feeding to their readers.
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